ITOPKER are innovative surfaces for countertops, worktops and for cladding furniture that combine cutting-edge materials, large format and a high design appeal.

Thanks to their outstanding technical and aesthetic features, resistance and design on large-format surfaces is achieved.

ITOPKER´s unbeatable technical performance and attractive designs and textures connect with the latest trends in interior design.

100% FULL DIGITAL production processes are used to make ITOPKER, guaranteeing surfaces with advanced properties in natural, structured, glossy polished and matt polished finishes.

The over 40 available designs are made with H2O IPLUS FULL DIGITAL technology, which uses water-based inks and glazes. These fully digital production processes lead to the achievement of eco-friendlier, more sustainable collections with an amazing definition.

ITOPKER Countertops, colores y acabados
ITOPKER Countertops, ventajas y características